Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tidings of comfort and joy

There are moments in my life when I catch a glimpse of something fleeting, something good which hints at hope and endurance. One such moment happened this past week.

Daughter Jenn appeared on my doorstep, Santa hat in hand and a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

"Mom, a blogger friend of mine, Neil Kramer, is hosting his annual blog-community holiday celebration online and he wants us to contribute. You can play your accordion."

What to play? Deadline was upon us. Pressure was on.

My inner Child smirked and thought,"What the heck? It's only a virtual community, just play a Christmas song and act a bit silly. It's not like standing in front of a live audience." Anonymity rules.

So I hauled out the squeezebox, Jenn put on her Santa hat, and we let it rip.

Extemporaneous combustion. Something so right about the two of us giggling our way through an old holiday classic. Working it. Together. Mom and daughter. We had never quite done something like this before.

When I look at the playback, I am pleasantly surprised. I see the girl I had once been, the kid who grew up surrounded by a father and extended family of musicians who often spontaneously combusted into singalongs and party celebrations. Live music was a given in my family. The accordion I'm playing was part of a rite of passage for me, especially ordered by my uncle for my twelfth birthday. And the darn thing still plays! How amazing is that? All the voices and players are long gone. Yet, there is an energy they've left behind. My daughter comes to me with an unexpected request and, suddenly, I find myself tapping into that energy.

I think my ancestors knew exactly what Jenn and I needed.

It's been a hard couple years. Lots of tears, worry, and doubt. I've seen my daughter at some of the lowest points of her life. Monday changed all that. Her inner Child and mine got to play.

Pure JOY.

Seeing Jenn come alive and sparkle, carefree and funny ... to share that lightness with her is all the gift I need this holiday season.

**If you're looking for this magic moment, go to the embedded link above. Jenn and I are about #9 in the scroll-down list of performers. Take the time to view some of the other entries. They will make you smile and cry. A cornucopia of holiday cheer.