Sunday, August 06, 2006

With a little help from my friends

Enough is enough. I sent everyone home. You can tell that I worked poor Geogirl to exhaustion and my other friend, Joann, took to playing Jane of the Jungle with my potted plant. I knew then that both had over committed.

Geo and I had never met in person until this weekend when she showed up at my door and stayed over to give me a hand. An Internet friendship has grown even deeper as we got to know each other through funny stories and revelations while she climbed ladders and dismantled my hardware. Bless you, Geo. Joann and I have worked together for the past few years and she knew I needed help so she appeared just after Geo left. More time for personal stories and sharing while we wrapped and boxed the large paintings and prints which Geo had taken down from the walls.

Much has gotten done this weekend thanks to my friends. The pictures are bubble-wrapped and many of the dishes packed. I found things I didn't know I still had (my parents' bedroom mirror) and things I wish I hadn't (bowling ball from first boyfriend).

In one more week, I will have to get my act together and get it all out the door and myself up to the Berkshires. I am working full time through Friday. One more weekend for good friends to stop by and push me along. I could never do this alone.

Thanks, guys! You have a standing invitation to visit me in my new home.


velocibadgergirl said...

You should definitely leave the bowling ball in some kind of crawl space for the next resident... ;)

All the best for the big move! I can't wait for the stories that are sure to follow!

Margaret said...

Good luck with the move. I'm so glad you've had lots of friends to help. Somehow your having lots of friends doesn't surprise me in the slightest!

Simon said...

Getting closer and closer to your Berkshires girls and guy. Very happy for the lot of you!

geogirl said...

OK, I've waited 3 days for someone else to make the joke but apparently you're other readers have more class than I do.

I can't believe no one made a comment about you having one of your first boyfriends balls.

Now we know how you really got your bowling nickname. ;-)

The Mater said...

Geo, you are so bad!

The bowling ball in question was given as a Christmas present and has my first name on it. Ah yes, true love.

It's going in the trash soon :>)

Jenn said...

OH my GOD! You can NOT throw out the bowling ball from Frank! You can't! NO!!!!

Patti McCracken said...

Nope, aforementioned bowling ball can absolutely not be trashed. Enshrined? Yes, Trashed? No. For surely if you do, some bad karma will befall some young lovers somewhere--otherwise destined to bowl their way to lifelong, wedded bliss, if not for the Curse of the Trashed Bowling Ball--which will, of course, lead our sweethearts down a path of breakup, tears, accusations, squealing tires and a confetti of ripped up photographs.
So this is a mighty burden you have, indeed.

Too bad your old boyfriend had not the sense to give you something like, say, a NECKLACE with your name on it? Prayers go out to whomever he ended up with.

The Mater said...

Alas, I did leave the bowling ball behind ... in the garage I think. It's all a blur by now.

LOL, patti ... the guy married an earth mother who provided him with four sons. She gave him male heirs; I gave him a 7-10 split.

Thanks everyone for all the wonderful and heartfelt comments. No computer hookup yet so still mostly incommunicado. I'm pouncing on the kids' laptops whenever I can find one available! Ain't easy as they are both working from their computers and Jenn has been away for a week with hers.

More later!

Cyber hugs to all of you! xxoo