Wednesday, November 01, 2006

All about me, me, meme

48 things about me that you probably aren't interested in at all but I'm going to tell you anyway ...

1. first name? Not telling. Babci works just fine online.
2. were you named after anyone? I was supposed to be a Richard; my parents weren’t planning for a girl. Bernadette seemed “too long a name for so small a baby” according to my mother so she and my dad then agreed on a name which was a derivative of my two aunts Helen. I’m glad I’m a girl – there are too many Dicks in the world.
3. when did you last cry? Last week, watching Babette’s Feast. I love that movie.
4. do you like your handwriting? Yes, I do. It has a certain artistic flair when I combine written and printed letters plus it’s fairly legible and large. Not quite as unique as my girlfriend Helene’s though.
5. what is your favorite lunch meat? Ah, forget Subway – I grew up on imported ham, sliced very thin. This is probably why I'm taking heart meds to lower my cholesterol.
6. if you were another person would you be friends with you? Only if I could tolerate my need to talk while I think (and while chewing my food). I have trouble keeping my mouth shut and am guilty of focus interruptus. Sometimes I jump in before the other person is finished speaking. It’s all part of my ENFP persona. At least I have something to blame it on.
7. do you have a journal? This blog. Isn’t it enough? I kept diaries when I was a teenager and journaled a bit in the past but I like the idea of this blog holding memories for my kids and grandkids. It’s a respectable substitute for the Grandmother Remembers books gathering dust on my shelf.
8. do you still have your tonsils? Yes, although I have lost other parts of my anatomy but no need to digress.
9. would you bungee jump? If George Bush can parachute out of a plane in his 80s, I refuse to rule out anything in my later years. However, my achin’ back may have a completely different view of this whole bungee thing.
10. what is your favorite cereal? Whatever’s on sale. Hmm, it changes by season. In the winter, something comforting and warm like oatmeal. In the summer, mini-frosted wheats or Kellogg’s K.
11. do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Yes, most of the time. That’s if I remember to tie them when I put them on.
12. do you think you are strong? I think I’ve become stronger in mind and spirit as I’ve had to deal with major life events; stronger in body especially during my hiking trip to the Canadian Rockies but I haven’t done much lately to keep the old bones in shape.
13. what is your favorite ice cream flavor? Double dip: chocolate chip mint and pistachio.
14. shoe size? 8, which I see is now considered less large because of my daughter’s generation of women who seem to have increased the norm to sizes 9 and 10.
15. red or pink? I can’t say “red” – it’s the color that got me into big trouble in the parking lot with the blind date. Pink is nice and will suffice.
16. what is the least favorite thing about yourself? My Piscean need to daydream too much and my tendency to disasterize. Wow, two for the price of one. There I go double dipping again.
17. whom do you miss the most? Someone I never met – my first cousin, Johnny, who was killed in WWII just after I had been born. I feel a psychic connection to him and think that we would have been close all our lives. I’ve lost so many family members that it would be hard to name just one. I miss my mom almost every day and so wish she could have seen the beautiful people her grandchildren turned out to be and then met the great grandchildren who carry her legacy.
18. do you want everyone to send this back to you? What, like a boomerang? It’s going up as a post. I took up the challenge from Kirsty in Australia and gladly release these questions to any other blogger who cares to share a bit of his or her history online. Actually, it’s kinda fun to do this. Try it; you’ll like it.
19. what color pants, shirt and shoes are you wearing? I’m in my pajamas. They’re aqua.
20. last thing you ate? Cripes, a piece of cherry pie. Weight watchers looms.
21. what are you listening to right now? The hum of my computer.
22. if you were a crayon, what color would you be? Aquamarine or some such sea-blue-greeny combination. Can you tell I’m Pisces? It’s showing, isn’t it?
23. favorite smell? A baby after a bath; the air after a spring shower; scented candles; Chanel No 5; a log-burning fire on a cold winter day; anything baking in an oven. Oh hell, smell is swell.
24. who was the last person you talked to on the phone? A distant relative who told me that another older cousin had died.
25. the first thing you notice about people you are attracted to? They have a wonderful sense of humor and laugh a lot.
26. do you like the person you stole this from? Yes, Kirsty is a super-talented crafts person and I admire her lovely work. More though, she makes me laugh and writes a mean blog! What’s not to love?
27. favorite drink? I hate to say this but my kids’ generation has converted me to a “single-shot sugar-free vanilla latte”, hot or cold.
28. favorite sport? Yeah, like I’m really into the whole jock thing. American football does have its moments and I used to love baseball. However, coming from Philly, I’ve learned to live with the chronic pain of loss.
29. eye color? Hazel.
30. hat size? Gotta be kidding. Smaller than a bread basket but bigger than a sauté pot. What? Do I know? Do I have a pencil?
31. do you wear contacts? I’m very squeamish of anything going into or near my eyes so I’ve been a lifelong wearer of glasses and don’t see that changing.
32. favorite food? Which end of the pyramid should we start from? Forget it – I’ll just choose pierogies, the universal feel-good food.
33. scary movies or happy endings? A no brainer for me – happy endings. They help to compensate for my need to disasterize in real life.
35. summer or winter? Neither – spring or fall. I’m about to make friends with winter though in my new location.
36. hugs or kisses? I’m an equal-opportunity employer, both.
37. favorite dessert? It was my mom’s apple pie. Now it is lightly churned chocolate chip mint ice cream. The "lightly churned" is a delusional marketing ploy to make me think the ice cream is not going to settle into cellulite.
38. who is most likely to respond? To this? My kids, telling me to “get a life”.
39. least likely to respond? Everybody else.
40. what books are you reading? Educational journals and handbooks on school counseling. It goes with the present territory.
41. what's on your mouse pad? No logos, just a soft cushion for my wrist.
42. what did you watch last night on tv? LOL, didn’t I blog about this yet? Since moving, I have not had my telly reconnected. Oh the peace of mind, the joy! Oh the monthly savings! No news is good news.
43. favorite sounds? Ocean waves hitting the beach; my grandchildren’s voices; my family and friends’ voices; bells or windchimes; beautiful music; silence.
44. the rolling stones or beatles? Neither … Elvis Presley. The King lives.
45. the farthest you've been from home? Hungary and Poland, the Olympic Peninsula, Scotland – don’t have a clue which is the farthest.
46. what's your special talent? The ability to make people feel at ease.
47. where were you born? Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
48. who sent this to you? I never saw a meme until I found this at Kirsty’s website. She nudged me and I thought it could be fun. It was, for me. I think that’s the hidden meaning of meme: all about me, me. Bless you for reading to the bottom. I promise to do the same. Now it’s your turn. Tag, you’re it!


kirsty said...

Memes are fun, aren't they? I love reading them and I like talking about myself. Perfect.

The Mater said...

They actually draw things out of you quite unexpectedly. So thanks for the idea and I'll see if your email address is in working order :>)

Mama V said...

before now, I was a meme virgin too...but now, thanks to Babci, I've memed too!

Birchsprite said...

I love reading them..... but am not so good at doing them!

Contrary said...

Heck yeah, Elvis is King!

geogirl said...

"Only if I could tolerate my need to talk while I think (and while chewing my food)"

HAHAHA!! Having met you in person this in particular cracked me up. Ah so very true but not as annoying as you think. Of course, I'm an INFP...I'm in my own head so much maybe I just didn't notice.

Oh...and "to many Dicks in the world..." LMAO!!!

Sunshine said...

Pierogies! I can't wait for homemade ones at Christmas. When I married my husband (and his family) had no idea what a pierogie was. Needless to say, the hubby now requests them. :)

Neurotic Mom said...

I normally don't like Memes but this one is a good one.