Friday, January 12, 2007

Start spreading the news

Jenn sent me an email today about another mother and daughter. The daughter is a grad-school student in New York city, coincidentally another Jenny.

I remember my Jenn's days as a grad student in New York. So when I saw what this daughter was up to, I wasn't too surprised. It goes with the territory. Ya gotta love New York. Where else would email turn into art? (Maybe Berkeley but I've never been there.)

Here I am, trying to lighten up and get rid of my stash of old emails while other daughters are savoring every word and putting their mother's correspondence on public display.

I have to talk to my son-in-law. He's busy painting fruit. I think I've got a box of old bills and emails and Christmas cards that he could turn into massive collages - cut and paste and find a gallery. I could be larger than life.

On second thought, where's the dumpster?


geogirl said...

Ha! I sent this to my mom and told her to be careful. Now I think she's afraid to e-mail me

Ellamama said...

Mater, I'm missing you.