Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I hear the snow blowers rumbling outside my windows, a return visit from earlier this afternoon. The snow has come as predicted and icy snowflakes are still cascading down in windy gusts. I see my car almost buried in the parking lot. Night has come and we are still expecting several more hours (and inches) of snowfall.

I wonder if there will be another school holiday tomorrow. Or are these New Englanders such a hardy breed that all the plows will push and shove the snow away from the main highways and school buses will be on their merry way by sunrise? Bummer. Today was much too windy to enjoy the snow; tomorrow will be a great time to play.

This is my first winter in the mountains and the first major snowstorm of the season. I’m hibernating in warm robe and enjoying the storm from a distance. Tomorrow will be time enough to open the door and see what Mother Nature has left behind. To get in the spirit, I’ll post a picture from last year’s winter in Pennsylvania while waiting for this storm in Massachusetts to blow past.

I’m in-between my old life and my new.


Birchsprite said...

Keep warm Mater!

slouching mom said...

What a great photo!