Saturday, September 15, 2007

Apples and angels

I stopped by the kids' house the other evening and shared a New Year dinner with the girls. Their Jewish bubba had sent fresh apples and honey. We dipped the apples into the honey and wished each other a sweet new year. Hannah then dipped the sweetened apples into her cup of milk and proclaimed that it was a good combination also. I reminded them that Israel became the promised land of milk and honey in the bible.

David is taking Hebrew lessons at the local synagogue and takes the girls whenever convenient. Trying better to understand the tenets of the Jewish faith, I read through some of the literature he brings home. Living ethically, seeking atonement, performing mitzvahs all seem morally on track to me. I'd like to think that the girls will get the best of both worlds, Judaism and Christianity, growing up with a bubba and a babci.

After dinner, we move into the living room for a dance recital by "Ella, the ballerina princess" (aka Hannah). I can't help but giggle as she chooses Hark, the Herald Angels Sing for her musical accompaniment. She has paid tribute to the land of milk and honey in the kitchen and now wants Christmas music to dance to. Sophie settles onto my lap and we watch Hannah, a vision in her pink tutu, complete a plie, whirl and twirl, bow deeply while the angels sing. She has quite a good command of her tiny body and it's fun to watch her dance.

I finish the evening on Sophie's bed, letting her read aloud a chapter from a new book. It's amazing to think that Sophie now reads her own bedtime stories with very little need of help. Books are valued in this house, as are a love of music, dance and art.

In the Book of Life, God must be keeping note of such things. It will be a very sweet new year, indeed.


slouching mom said...

I can't get over how big Hannah's gotten! Oh my goodness! How did that happen?

(She says, she whose son turns ten in less than a month.)

They are lovely girls, not surprisingly.

Amy York said...

Happy New Year to you and your family! Those girls are just darling! :)

fifi said...

Can I just tell you how much I approve of the Hello Kitty?! We are fans of the Kitty here at the Casa Della Bon Bon. /Fifi

Ellamama said...

What a lovely post.

Sophie and Ella are carrying the same lunchbox. I struggle to keep anything media influenced out of the house, but I am to blame for her love of the kitty. When she was a baby I would walk the aisles of Uwajimaya, the Japanese grocery store in Portland, and occasionally get her something with the kitty.

Great picture!

BOSSY said...

Nnnnnn gah, are they cute.

Come on over to Bossy's archive for a Rosh Hashanah tutorial:

L'shanah tovah!

Terry said...

Beautiful, beautiful. Little girls going off to school always puts a lump in my throat. Something so dear and innocent about little girls with lunch boxes and school supplies.