Sunday, November 04, 2007

Carpe diem ... or not

Did you miss me? Thanks for such great comments on the house. I've been looking at other houses and talking to annuity-fund advisors, trying to decide if the little red house is calling my name.

I saw two other properties and they just didn't have the charm. One was an older Colonial occupied by a woman going through a divorce. Been there, done that; I could feel the sadness coming through the wallpaper. Her house was still filled to the brim with everything that helped make it home for her and teen-aged children. I felt like I was trespassing when I dared to look at a family portrait hanging in the hallway. There was a grill and little cabana out back with a fridge and table where many family get-togethers must have taken place. Now hubby was gone and woman was on her own. She wanted to leave and get on with her life. I was not about to intrude in that story or space.

The other property was also a red house, with two bedrooms and an acre of ground. It was hard to find and it was pouring rain. There was standing water in the basement and a propane tank near a shed. I don't think I want propane heat. I also don't want an acre of grass to mow or shovel. The bathtub was custom made to fit a rather small space and I laughingly thought to myself that I'd have to sit with my knees up to even take a bath. The house was very private on a dead-end street; however, it's set so far back from main roads that, once a snowstorm comes, isolation.

Realtor than suggested we check out one more property near Jenn's. We drove in through a narrow driveway and realtor then discovered that the house is occupied by a renter. I started to back out of driveway and somehow got my front tire caught in the mud. Wheel started spinning and I stopped the car. Opened my door and thought "oh crap". What a predicament. Car was literally hanging on the edge of a steep incline into neighbor's property. The wheel had sunk deep enough that the frame of the engine was resting on the ground. Thank God for triple A! Guy had to hoist a chain around a large oak tree and then pull car sideways away from the incline. I'm not going back to see that house; the karmic encounter in the driveway was a warning.

So here I am, Sunday morning, deciding whether to take the plunge and make a bid on quirky little red house which I've now seen four times with assorted friends, co-workers, and family. Yes, I would have to let go of more earthly belongings but there is something so sweet about looking out that front bay window at the hills and mountains in the distance.

To be continued ....


Lou said...

I have such a lovely picture of teh house in my mind :-)

geogirl said...

How can you argue with all those signs the universe was sending you?!

There is something to be said for a fresh start and a clean basement. I helped you pack many of those earthly posessions remember and I think you could do with a good cleansing. :-)

I know it's hard to let go of things but sometimes holding on so tight to something can also hold you back. Let go and listen to your the house.