Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Bragging rights

This is Ben, my only grandson. He's seven years old. His dad just sent me some photos that Ben took all by himself while they were hiking. Joe gave him the digital camera and told Ben to point and shoot. Obviously Ben did much more than that. These photos show that the kid has quite an eye for design and perspective.

His daddy loves photography too and I can imagine the guys putting on a father-and-son exhibit one day.

Grandmoms dream big. Great job, Ben!


Anonymous said...

I liked taking the pictures Babci. I'm famous! Ben

Terry said...

Bravo Ben! The photos are great.

geogirl said...

Wow! Those were some really good pictures. I love the one looking down the boardwalk.

Aunt Jenn said...

You rock, Ben!!! I am so proud of you!!! Those photos are amazing.

Auntie Jenn

Anonymous said...

Your family really needs to leave SOME talent for the rest of us!!!

(Great pics buddy)