Sunday, July 27, 2008

Berries and cream

Ingredients: one family, sunny day, strawberry field, plastic containers.

Turning the kids loose in a field full of strawberries was a fun way to fill a summer's day. The idea was to pick as many of the farmer's strawberries, pay by weight, return home and bake some pies. The strawberries were not to be eaten until the containers were weighed.

The reality was that little Iris, Ben, and Sophie jumped right into filling the pails along with an occasional nibble. Hannah and Olivia, however, continued to put the berries into their mouths rather than their container. We had to remind them both of their mission, a simple lesson in economics and fair-labor practices.

The pie making came about two days later, along with homemade whipped cream.

Our food critic, Iris, sampled her daddy's pie and seemed to enjoy every bite. The rest of us soon followed her lead.


John said...

Those shirts look far too clean to have been berry picking!

[email sent to your work account just now]

Jennifer said...

If this doesn't look like a gorgeous childhood memory in the making, I don't know what does!

Hey, would you mind sending me an email (jennifer dot niesslein at comcast dot net) when you get a chance? I'm doing some research on Polish ancestry, and I think you're probably just the lady to talk to.

geogirl said...


I'm so jealous. That pie looks delicious!!

pogonip said...

On our trip to Portland this summer we learned that it's the adults who pick strawberries to eat and the kids who eat berries they pick. Apparently that's the law there! Love your gorgeous bunch of grands.