Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ice cream galore

How did I forget to mention "the mother of all ice-cream sundaes"? Ben kept talking about the local drugstore and their famous banana split. Finally, after fairly good behavior on the part of the munchkins, we ended our stay with a feast of gigantic proportions. A mountain of ice cream.

The kids were in ice-cream heaven and the waitress, a grandma herself, was thrilled to serve up two of these whoppers. Of course, the grownups joined in when the kids slowed down.

As you can see, there was some serious forethought on how to tackle the project. Everyone contemplated before diving in. Olivia and Sophie had a thing for the maraschino cherries while Ben and Hannah seemed to favor the whipped cream. Iris, true to her persistent little soul, was content to chip away with a spoon at whatever came her way.

The whole soda-fountain atmosphere made me feel like I had just stepped back in time to the nifty fifties - Elvis on the jukebox, syrupy cherry cokes, girlie gossip and pink-poodle skirts. The only anomaly was that my 13-year-old self was surrounded by five grandchildren!


Anonymous said...

Where is this place?

velocibadgergirl said...

Wow! That thing is truly the size of Ben's head! *drool*

Patti McCracken said...

okay, now I just want some ice cream.

cindi ruhl said...

Dear Mater, I would like to send "ice cream" money to Jen. How to do this?

Could I send it to you?

Sincerely, Cindi

The Mater said...

I really have to cut back on this stuff! Clothes don't fit.

In the meantime, thanks for your comments and, cindi, you can find a "tip jar" as one of the headers on the BEAW home page where you can make donations to Jenn's cause, ice cream included. Thanks so much!

geogirl said...

As a general rule I make it a point never to eat anything bigger than my head. However, I think I would make an exception for this.

Wow! That is just amazing. I am now desperately craving some icecream. Thanks alot!! ;-)

Tina said...

oh my god, those photos of that mondo ice cream are amazing!