Thursday, December 31, 2009


Ten years ago, I was ... selling a house which was a home for thirty years ... finalizing a divorce while celebrating my daughter's marriage ... anticipating becoming a grandmother for the very first time ... working full time as a college administrator and advisor ... surrounded by a network of family and friends ... twenty-five pounds lighter ... moving into my very first apartment ... starting over.

I spent New Year's Eve with a childhood friend as we both welcomed, not just another new year, but a new millennium as well. Wow, 2000 A.D. Millennial hopes and dreams did abide. I am usually quite the optimist.

Now, ten years later, I am ... not where I expected to be. Life is funny that way. I want to reach back and grab this decade, shake it hard, tell it to straighten up and fly right. But I can't. None of us can.

On this last night of this past decade, I will think about the next ten years, humbly, with lowered expectations. I am tired, feeling much older, knowing that I should pay closer attention to the words on a Christmas card from a family friend:

We yearn for
Peace beyond our fear
Light after darkness
Hope in the midst of despair
Joy following sorrow
Life coming from death
Compassion learned from pain

I will throw these words around my shoulders and let them keep me warm.


Wayne said...

I'm watching some of the mummers parade for you, Cousin E!

Happy New Year!

geogirl said...

Beautiful Words mater. Many of us didn't end up where we though we would be 10 years ago but that's OK. We're still here and we're still trying and that's what counts.

Happy New Year to you!!

Terry said...

Life happens, doesn't it? You are an example of grace under pressure and making lemonade from life's lemons. Inspires me. What you do is amazing.

Roo said...

Wow i sure do hope for peace beyond fear...for all of us. With respect to your family and the long hard year it was...

Love Cindi

Lori said...