Sunday, March 12, 2006

Buddha, phone home

You can only keep a 15-year-old kid meditating for so long. Just read in the news this morning that a Buddha wannabe has decided to take a long walk into the sunset or sunrise or another dimension. According to the locals, the mini guru has been sitting under a tree since last May and not eating or drinking. But now he’s disappeared.

The villagers are organizing search parties.

If he’s found Nirvana, the kid should be fine. Maybe he’s simply looking for a big Mac.


√Čireann said...

I saw that back in November they had sent Nepalese scientists out to study him and see if he actually hadn't been eating or drinking for that long...but I never saw any conclusions drawn by their investigation...

s@bd said...

not eating or drinking since May ...?

ummm ... yeah.

Probably he just spontaneously combusted into tiny dust particles of dryness.

Debby said...

OK, he hasn't had anything to eat or drink in 10 months - AS IF!!

Now he is supposedly wandering around nekkid, since his clothes are still there.

I agree with s@bd - he nothing but dust at this point

geogirl said...

I'm voting for the big mac theory myself.

Personally, I wouldn't follow ANY religion that required me to not eat.

"I'm sorry, you want me to what?...Bye!"

Contrary said...

Maybe he just got tired of being stared at.


wopd said...

I think I'd miss french fries and peanut butter the most.