Tuesday, July 17, 2007


You, my granddaughter,
Are spirited and spunky
Full of life and love

I, your grandmother,
Welcome your kaleidescope
Absorb your color

You, too, reflect me
We share a common palette
Colors mix and blend

How does this happen?
Not choosing, being chosen
Many hues and shades

We come from rainbows
Sparkle in each other's arms
Celebrate the light


Ellamama said...

These are wonderful. I especially love the one on top. How do you make them?

The Mater said...

Aha, I was over Jenn's and she sat me down in front of their Mac and the monitor has a camera and software called Photo Booth. Sat Hannah on my lap and we just played and let the camera shoot us! I can't do any of this on my Dell PC. The one on top is called "Comic Strip".

slouching mom said...

These are fabulous.

geogirl said...

Not for nothing but I bet it is possible to do this on your Dell pc...you just need to get the right equipment.

Anyway...very cute pictures. Very Andy Warhol-esque.