Thursday, December 13, 2007

He's not Clifford but ...

Sophie's raffle puppy showed up after all, actually, his karmic brother.

Church lady called me at the beginning of the week and told me that they "found the missing doggie" and I could pick him up at a local rectory. Luckily, the errand was on my way to work and, indeed, a little red puppy with a matching hand-stitched blanket was waiting for me. I knew Sophie would be thrilled. I remember seeing this little red puppy on the table at the Christmas Fair. However, I had a hunch that he wasn't the original doggie we had won. I checked the raffle ticket which was still clipped to his ear and, sure enough, the number wasn't ours.

Red puppy was never claimed. He was left alone after all the prize winners had traipsed in and picked up their bounty. Poor guy, nobody came for him. The church lady must have decided that, since someone else had picked up our prize, she'd assign him to Sophie.

He once was lost, but now was found. Heck, it was a church raffle. Maybe an unclaimed puppy needs redemption as much as a lost sheep.

Sophie was home with a cold this week; I stopped in and told her the good news.

"Sophie, you won a prize at the church fair - a little puppy!" Her eyes widened and she waited by the window as I brought Little Red up from the car.

Two small arms reached out to hug the puppy that nobody wanted.



Rhea said...

I can't help it. I feel sorry for inanimate objects like Red Puppy. So glad it found a home!

Terry said...

He's very cute. I wonder if the mixup was that red puppy's winner got your puppy instead. Anyway, I doubt you could have done better than red puppy--he looks like he's found his happy home.

Patti McCracken said...

Good for Sophie.

When I was 3, I had to have kidney surgery. Before I left the hospital a month later, I took a ride through the children's wing in a radio flyer wagon, with all my new stuffed animals... Mishy Mouse, Squirrel, Buzzy, (named for my brother's teacher, Mrs. Buzzy--because unfortunately she bore a striking resemblance to my stuffed monkey), and Buddy, a teddy bear.

Years and years later, my little 2 y.o. niece had to be in the hospital. I gave her Buddy. He was at her side constantly for the next few years, even won a Most Loved Bear contest, which I like to think I contributed to. But somewhere along the way, Buddy got lost. Never found.
I knew my niece always felt guilty for losing him--knowing it was something that connected us.
Anyhow, she had a baby of her own last year (yes! young!), and I showed up at to meet the newest addition to the family with a new "Buddy" in tow. "I found him in Austria," I said. "Who knew Buddy liked to travel so much... and this one is softer and plusher than his former self." She held the baby in her arms, hugging me, hugging New Buddy, and crying.

The Mater said...

Lovely story, Patti. Three generations of teddy-bear love.

Terry, you may be right. In that case, everyone came out on top.

Rhea, I think Red Puppy could spend some time with the Velveteen Rabbit if Sophie loves him hard enough.

geogirl said...

Gosh Mater you could make a great childrens book out of that story. Seriously!

Sounds to me like fate had a hand in this one. Judging by her mom's genetic predisposition to taking in lost furry souls, it sounds like the puppy ended up in just the right house!

velocibadgergirl said...

I am a huge sap for abandoned toys, and this made me tear up a little. Hooray for Sophie for giving Red Puppy her love and hugs!

OK, the New Buddy story also made me tear up.