Monday, February 25, 2008

Maternal pride

Real life has kept me busy these past few weeks and I miss my blog. I just came across a couple old photos and thought they deserve to be posted here.

Here I am, dark brunette that I was, holding Jenn. And here's my mom, one of my favorite pics of her and her grandson, Joe. Look at mom's face - such joy! That chubby little baby would grow up to be the first doctor in the family, ever. That determined little girl would grow up to be an artist and a writer, a seeker of truth.

Now these "babies" have babies of their own. I wonder who they will grow up to be ... that brunette now has her mother's gray hair.

It's a blessing to stop every so often and freeze-frame a memory or two.


slouching mom said...

both beautiful photos, with stories to tell.


Patti McCracken said...

You're looking so adoringly at your little one--so sweet.

Lara said...

thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog! I wasn't sure who it was at first, but knew it had to be a relative! I love your blog! Love all the photos! Beautiful!! I'll be back to check up on you!


pogonip said...

I love your grey hair!

Lou said...

Great photos! Jenn looks just like Jenn now!~

Jennifer said...

This is so lovely!

And I always think of you as a blonde somehow (having more fun, maybe?)

Maggie said...

I haven't checked in on your blog in oh-so-long and I'm glad I did. Reading your blog again after such a long while is like pulling a favorite sweater off the shelf at the start of winter. Lovely.