Sunday, March 02, 2008

Birthday girl

It's Olivia's fifth birthday, my little fellow Piscean.

I've been told that she's spending a very special day with her mom and other grandmom, having a grown-up tea at the American Girl store in Seattle. I wish I could be there and can imagine her sweet face lighting up for the occasion. Olivia is a sunny and shy child and, as runner-up to big brother, Ben, it's sometimes hard for her to be the one in the spotlight. Today, however, is her special day.

She had another special day this past Christmas, learning how to make pierogies with her dad. I love that my son has kept the Polish family tradition of pierogies at Christmas. My mother was the keeper of the secret recipe and it took many a Christmas eve after her death for Joe to master the technique (the secret's in the consistency of the dough and mom never wrote her exact ingredients down). Pierogies are little stuffed dumplings usually filled with meat, potatoes, cheese, cabbage or fruit. Think ravioli, more oval, and no tomato sauce. Pierogies are a labor of love and take lots of preparation and usually a full day in the kitchen, pots of boiling water steaming away, waiting for the little stuffed pockets of dough to be plopped in for several minutes and then drained. Best served sauteed with butter and onion. Mom would make 75-100 at one sitting. Looks like Olivia has taken kindly to the task.

Tea with with mommy; pierogies with daddy. Life is good.

Happy Birthday, Liv! Your Babci and east-coast cousins send their love. xxoo


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Karen said...

My Checkoslovakian grandmother (first generation American born) made home made peirogies from scratch, rolled all her dough out on the table pinch-of-this, pinch-of-that style. Store bought got nothin' on home made.
You have a family recipe passing down through the generations :) How beautiful that your granddaughter is making your mother's peirogies.

Jenn said...

Happy birthday, Livvy! We all love you sooooooo much! You are one terrific little girl.

Auntie Jenn

Terry said...

Your post and pictures are so sweet, then I saw the comments! Aren't you the lucky grandmother to have such lovely little people in your life?

Anonymous said...

Hey--Someone tell Joe to age, please! I graduated in 94 with him, and I'll be darned if the boy looks a day older! You've got a gorgeous, bright and talented family. I'm out of touch, but remain a big fan of all of theirs, and enjoy the tidbits here and at BeaW! Keep up the good work!