Friday, March 21, 2008

Purim Party

There are moments when your heart catches in your throat and past and present meld. I had such a moment tonight when I opened my email and found this photo of Sophie, proudly wrapped in a crocheted pink cape which my mom had made for Jennifer long, long ago. Suddenly, I was looking at my daughter at the age of six.

David was taking the girls to the synagogue for a Purim celebration and it looks like pink was the color of the day. Hannah seems to be sporting one of her princess dress-up gowns.

We move from Purim to the Easter bunny this weekend. I found out that there is an American Girl musical in a nearby theatre tomorrow so I'm treating Sophie to the show and then a sleepover. The tricky part will be the secret delivery of baskets and goodies to the girls' house while I have Sophie under my wing. I hope the Easter bunny has a teleportation device.

The girls look so old-fashioned in these photos, like they could have stepped out of a country house in Poland or Russia a century ago. Again, I see so much of my mother in their faces and yet, I'm sure their paternal grandmom sees glimpses of her past too.

Purim baskets, Easter baskets. Giving and receiving.


Anonymous said...

Oh how precious and I so understand your feeling of nostalgia.

A few years ago my daughters were old enough to wear the phentex crochet vests my Nana made for me so many years ago. Shocking to remember how much my sister and I loved them and to see them on my daughters? Incredibly moving.

Time keeps moving on but the more things stay the same...

geogirl said...

Sophie looks like a young princess Lea. :-)

Jenn said...

Oh, lovely, Mom. Thanks for this. xoxo jenn