Sunday, November 16, 2008

Three cheers for the birthday girl

Today was Hannah's fifth birthday. She got up early, dressed herself for her party, made her bed and gaily exclaimed, "Oh, Babci, it's going to be an exciting day!"

She had a joint party with her girlfriend, Zoe, who was born same day, a few hours apart at the same hospital in Vermont. They now attend school together. David sewed "royal skirts" for all the attendees and Jenn told improvised fairy tales and led the little dancing queens.

A good time was had by all and that's certainly worth cheering about!


velocibadgergirl said...

Happy birthday, Hattie Belle!

(I can't believe she's five already...where have the years gone?)

Ali B. said...

What a little muffin that kid is. I love her.

Lori said...

Very cute post. The new bedroom decorations are adorable(read about the re-do on Jenn's blog). A young child's enthusiasm is so contagious. Happy 5th Birthday Miss Hattie!

Lorrian said...

Stopping by from Jenn's blog to share that I wish you were my Mater - I'm so glad that you are Jenn's. :-)

Terry said...

I've been reading Jenn's blog and am thinking about all of you, especially you. Take care. Your heart must be breaking.

Sorry to leave this as a comment. Couldn't see an email link anywhere.