Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yes, Sophia, there is a Santa Claus

She's almost eight years old. Next Christmas, Sophie may not want to sit on Santa's lap and tell him, wholeheartedly, that she'd really like an American Girl named Molly. Santa told her that he would take the request up with Mrs. Claus who is in charge of dolls.

Black Friday had consumers scrambling around for bargains. I scrambled, instead, to scoop up Sophie and Hannah and drive to a Christmas block party in a town up in the mountains. We made it just in time to see Santa arrive (via Fire Rescue transport). What ever happened to his sleigh? The kids didn't seem to mind at all. The girls were two of the first to greet him when he started his walk up the hill to the local gathering spot. Santa took the time to speak with them and revealed that he preferred milk, cookies, and popcorn on Christmas eve.

It was a magical night filled with street vendors, hula hoops, Christmas lights, caroling, and a ride in an old-fashioned trolley.

Even though Sophie patiently waited in line to tell Santa about her wish for a doll, Hannah was content to browse the craft fair, eat free cookies, and slurp soggy marshmallows from her hot chocolate. The need to sit on Santa's lap wasn't a priority. Then again, Hannah has a couple more years to explore that option. Sophie, on the other hand, may surmise that her window of opportunity is closing. I felt a lump in my throat watching her, knowing that she is growing up much too quickly.

On the ride home through the mountains, snow started falling quite rapidly. Flashes of white were illuminated by my headlights and Sophie exclaimed, "Babci, those are snow fairies! Don't use your windshield wipers - you may kill them!" I wisely responded that snow fairies fly so fast that they are able to scoot out of the way of my wipers.

The girls soon tired of counting fairies and fell asleep to polka music. Go figure. My polka tapes seem to have a calming effect. I drove slowly, carefully, on the winding snow-slicked road asking the snow fairies to keep me and my two charges safe. I had no need for the mania of Black Friday. It was a snowy white Friday and my treasures were snuggled in the back seat.



Terry said...

So, so sweet. I hope Sophia gets her Molly doll. I love a little girl who loves dolls.

cindi roo said...

I'm glad you and your lovely girlies found some Christmas magic.

I hope you soaked some magic watching them too. My momma always said in order to help someone else you must remember to fill up "yurselv" too. Take care of you too dear, smart, strong momma of Jenn.

I have a little extra in my larder-help me get it to Jenn? I could send it a p.o. box to keep it no strings and not scary. I'm not asking for entry into the hearth, I would like to help feed the body(s)though.

If it would help..I'd be honored.

With respect for your struggles.

Cindi Roo

moxiemomma said...

what a lovely post :) Sophie and my Ben are the same age, and I get the same lump in my throat.

velocibadgergirl said...

They could not be more adorable, more beautiful. It is so wonderful that you are giving them these lovely memories to treasure!

BOSSY said...

The hoola hoop!

FNN said...

Hi there. I'm a long-time reader of Jenn's blog and I'd like to send a small care package to her and the girls for the holidays. Can you email me at so that I can talk to you about what I'd like to do? Thanks!

MamaDrama said...

I came here to ask about sending a little care package to Jenn and the girls, and I see others have already asked the same thing..
I'd love to help - is my email if you can send info on how/where to do that. I was going to donate at Jenn's paypal, but thought maybe saving the trouble of shopping would be easier?

The Mater said...

Dear Friends, thank you so much for your concern and caring wishes. I'll contact anyone who leaves an email.

cindi roo, I do not have contact info for you but I am on Facebook - you'll find me through Jenn's name and we can communicate privately there or leave an email here.

Warm regards to all!

cindi roo said...

Thank you Mrs. Mater!

I look forward to hearing from you soon. I have questions about choices and needs.

With respectingness to you. Hee hee

Kate said...

I am also interested in a care package of sorts. I think this has my email in it already, but just in case...

Lorrian said...

Hi Mater:

Another BEAW reader who would dearly like to send support to Jenn and the girls, especially after the holidays. My email is