Monday, April 20, 2009

Declarative sentences

"I'm glad you moved here, Babci."

It was spoken softly by the little dark-haired girl descending my staircase. I was in back of her and almost missed the spontaneous words. Sophie's sincerity caught me by surprise.

"Sophie, I'm glad I moved up here too, to watch you and Hannah grow."

"You would have missed a lot."

"I know." Oh, dear heart, I know. Believe me, I know.

"Thank you, Babci, for having me for a birthday sleepover."

"My pleasure." My delight.


slouching mom said...

Oh. That made me cry.

Terry said...

Beautiful Sophia--she is as astute and kind as she is beautiful.

Mel said...

Aren't those moments precious? It almost makes the tantrums and sibling fights worth it. Almost. You need the kisses and cuddles to even it out.

Meg said...

That made me cry, too. Such a sweety. Thanks for sharing, Elaine.

Lori said...

How precious; brings a tear to the eye. ~ from one grandmother to another.

Pittsfield Kate said...

What a beautiful moment.