Sunday, April 05, 2009

Lambs and sinners

March has suddenly morphed into early April and still the cold lingers. Sophie spent another delightful weekend sleepover and we raced to the car last night while blowing snow tickled our faces. At least Easter will be arriving soon with its message of renewal and redemption. I think I need both. I've been a bad girl.

Sophie and Hannah and their mommy had treated me to dinner out a few weeks ago to celebrate my birthday. I made the mistake of ordering grilled lamb. Ah, by the time our dinner plates arrived, both girls had scolded me into losing my appetite.

"Babci! You're going to eat LAMB? Poor baby lambs?! Aw, poor SNUGGLY, CUTE baby lambs?" Hannah, in between her chocolate milk and fresh rolls and butter, continued to fix me with a mother-superior glare which wilted the lettuce on my plate.

"I promise not to order lamb ever again, girls." Wink, wink. Nod, nod. When did kids get to be so politically correct?

Faced with their pleading looks and the knowledge of just how much those two shriveled lamb chops were costing, I opted for the economical solution. I ate the lamb.

Years ago, when their mommy was about their age, I was a member of a church folk choir aptly named "Lambs and Sinners". Some weeks, depending on how well we played and sang, we were the lambs; other weeks, the sinners. We took turns spreading the collective catholic guilt around based on our musical performance.

Yesterday, at another restaurant, I tried to swat a tiny fruit fly buzzing around my drink but missed. Good thing I missed. Sophie, the lone witness, delivered an incredulous stare while asking, "Babci, you weren't really trying to kill that fly, were you?!" Sigh. Foiled again.

You think I would have learned my lesson but it doesn't end there. While shopping for some household items at the same mall, Sophie grabbed my hand as I reached for the Windex. She nodded a firm 'no'. "It's bad for the environment, Babci." I passed.

Life's teachable moments. But aren't I the one who's supposed to be the teacher?

Ecological awareness in the youngest generation ...

Lambs = 2
Sinner = 0


slouching mom said...

Hahahahah! They do keep you on your toes, don't they...

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a now often-quoted family dinner when my sister was three and my brother and I were in our mid-teens. Being teenaged tormentors, we were teasing her about the roast lamb on her plate "Baa! Baa! Oh, that used to be a poor little baby lamb!" She just glared at us and snarled, "Well, it's meat now!" and shoved another forkful in her mouth!

Pitts. Kate said...

Oh, those girls are after my own heart!

Anonymous said...

Years ago, I had a bunny fur jacket that I wore once when Jenn was with us. She petted the jacket, and asked me what it was. I told her it was rabbit. She looked at me with those big eyes, and said, as only she could, "Bunny rabbit?" I looked at her, and told a lie. I said, "Oh, not real bunny rabbit." The apples do not fall far from the trees.

geogirl said...

Ha Ha! A friend of mine recently spent a year in southern California where her pre-teen daughter suddenly desided to become a vegetarian. They moved back to the east coast a few months ago and now she has declared that bacon is ok if she only eats it at home (and makes her mom swear not to tell her friends.) Something tells me her veggy phase won't last long.