Saturday, January 22, 2011

Old song, new wisdom

Had Sophie for another sleepover and, finally, we got to make some inter-generational music together!

I never heard this song before but Sophie introduced me to it today. Irving Berlin. Possibly WWII vintage. My accordion may have drowned out some of the words while Sophie was singing, so I will post them here as the message is timeless, no matter which generation we're a part of ...

"It's A Lovely Day Tomorrow"

The front page of your paper is bound to make you sad, especially if you're the worrying sort.

So turn the front page over where news is not so bad, there's consolation in the weather report.

It's a lovely day tomorrow, tomorrow is a lovely day

Come and feast your tear-dimmed eyes on tomorrow's clear blue skies

If today your heart is weary, if every little thing looks gray

Just forget your troubles and learn to say

Tomorrow is a lovely day

Playing this with Sophie just warmed my heart. I love that her teacher has introduced her to Irving Berlin. When I hear her sing Berlin, I feel like I'm back in my parents' generation, the days of the Great Depression and WWII. Yet, there was always an optimism and hope for better days which Irving Berlin captured in his music.

It seems that Sophie has found that message too. Enjoy.


Rita said...

Almost terribly beautiful. Can't believe I stumbled onto this blog. Are you the Elaine Mattern who taught at LaSalle?

Beautiful child and talented. NEVER thought I'd enjoy accordion (sp.?) but it was great. Thanks for posting. :0


The Mater said...

Thank you, Rita. I hope you listened to Sophie's other video clips.

I believe you may find the person you mention on Facebook, Rita.

Rita said...

I did, indeed listen to the other clip. I wasn't clear -- Cabaret was lovely in it's own way -- but the other song was sort of hauntingly beautiful.

Ok. I'll look on FB.

Anonymous said...

That was absolutely beautiful. You have an amazing wonderful family E, not that I need to tell you that. I hope that one day I get the chance to pop over to your side of the globe and have the privilege in meeting them in person. Thank you for sharing this. Much love as always. xo