Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Over the rainbow, under the boardwalk, and all points in between

It's been almost a year since Sophie started vocal lessons. She loves to sing and the lessons have helped her grow in confidence. Last spring she surprised us all by signing up for her school's talent show. Sophie, Little Miss Introvert, performing in front of her peers and teachers! True grit.

This past year, as her parents' divorce became final, she has grown in so many ways. Taller, sharper wit, determined, curious. Conversations are on a new level. She asks engaging questions and expects to be answered.

Sophie doesn't live 'over the rainbow'. She has her feet planted on terra firma. I credit her mom's honesty in dealing with her in a truthful way on a need-to-know basis. Sophie is dealing with divorce with books and music and friends and humor. She seems to know where to put her feelings and thoughts. Journal writing has been a part of the trip. She's not afraid to examine herself and the grown-ups in her life. I think she will become a beautiful young woman, tempered by suffering and loss, but also shaped by humor and courage and grace.

Here is an example of that courage ...



Jenn said...

I never get tired of watching that. Thank you for this. xo

Jane said...

So sweet, thank you for sharing! She is lovely and has such a pretty voice.

velocibadgergirl said...

That is truly beautiful <3