Thursday, June 15, 2006

Comfort zone

It’s been a rough week. I’d say grueling, but that’s been banned from my vocabulary.

First the tooth fairy and then a two hours’ wait in the doctor’s office yesterday to have my ear examined. I walked out of that visit with a bagful of sample antibiotics and ear drops. I’ll be popping pills and squirting my ear for at least a week. Meanwhile, I had to rush back to school for evening advisement appointments. Fatigue washed over me on the drive home.

Today, while holding my head at a 90-degree angle and juggling the noon application of ear drops, I glanced up and saw an anticipated email from my daughter. Subject line: Screen Door Options. Sure enough, she was surfing the web looking for the elusive cranberry storm door of her dreams. I had promised it as a birthday gift and time was running out.

With head at full tilt, I clicked on the link and started looking at the merchandise. Nice stuff. I decided to call the daughter so we could discuss her options.

Jenn: “I think a country look, old-fashioned, would fit the house.”

Me: “Yeah, but are you sure you want wood instead of vinyl? (Then diverging from topic because the ear drops are running down my neck and my ear still hurts.) You know I had to go to the doctor’s yesterday. Would you believe I’ve got an ear infection? It’s been blocked all week and …”

Jenn (interrupting): “Mom, you’re doing it again.”

Me (clueless): “Doing what?”

Jenn: “Honestly, you just start to dwell on your aches and pains and go right into the organ recital.”

Me (whining slightly): “Jennnnnn, I’ve had a hard week. First I get attacked by the dentist and then I have a honkin’ stainless-steel plunger poked into my ear. Give me a break.”

Jenn: “Mom, you are not old. You dwell too much on the negative.”

Me (back on topic): “Okay, so which screen door do you like?”

Commotion in the background ... kids clamoring for a DVD.

Jenn: “Sophie, come here and talk to babci while I get ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ inserted for you guys.”

Sophie: “Hi babci. How are you?”

Me (do I dare?): “Well, honey, babci had an earache and she had to go to the doctor's. And he had to look in my ear and put some drops in and give me medicine.”

Sophie: “Oh you poor thing.”

Fireworks exploding on the horizon. Visions of angels dancing on the head of a pin. Rainbows everywhere.

This is why God created grandchildren.

My daughter is still getting her screen door.


Simon said...

Wow!! You spend time with your grandkids and... they. Get. Younger!! Well, that Hattie Bell can't be more than 9 months old there! How DO you do that?

Careful, you'll have Jenn bouncing on your knee soon, demanding, "A bit higher, Mater! My breasts are starting to feel less floppy already!"

velocibadgergirl said...

Awww...I'll give you some sympathy: I hope that your ear feels better soon!

I'm looking forward to photographs of the cranberry storm door of legend.

The Mater said...

Gosh, Simon, you discovered my secret to staying young. Time travel! Now I just have to hunt up an old photo of Jenn to meet your challenge :>)

vbg, thanks!

Margaret said...
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Margaret said...

Too cute! It sounds like Sophie's a very empathetic little girl.

Missy said...

I just love all your stories. I feel like a real dummy asking this, but just how do you pronounce "Babci"?

moxiemomma said...

sweet! i do hope you are feeling better soon. honestly, it all sounds quite grueling to me--taxing and trying at the very least.

i googled "cranberry storm door" just to see what the heck one looks like and number 1 on the list is a BEAW post!

Lou said...

awwww- can't wait for grandkids lol!

geogirl said...

I think you should give Sophie the storm door. That way, when she gets in a fight with her momma she can threaten to take the door with her to college! ;-)

Feel better mater!!

(Oh, Jenn is right though. You're not old!!)

The Mater said...

You guys are great! Thanks for all the sympathy :>)

margaret - hope all goes well with you and yes Sophie is an old soul in many ways - wise beyond her years :>)

Now, missy, how do I make you hear "Babci"? Hmmm ... it's bah as in baa baa black sheep - I know it sounds like "Bob" and then "chee" Got it? Bobchee!

mm, yes ... in fact I'm still very tired. Isn't that hysterical about BEAW being the place online to go to for a cranberry storm door!! LOL We have to tell Jenn!

lou, it's a special time ... you get to play with them, stir them up, and then leave!

geo, once again, you've come up with the perfect and funniest solution!

Love the whole bunch of you!

Peace, Bobchee xxoo

Ellamama said...

I love any story with three generations of women, a phone, and a cranberry screen door. I hope you are feeling better. I think Sophie just connected better with the pain of the earache. So sweet.