Sunday, June 18, 2006

My son, the doctor

It’s Father’s Day and you’re so far away
I wish I could be there to share in your day
I picture the kids rushing to give you your gifts
And hand-written cards which will give you a lift

Katie will be tired from orchestrating the event
With new baby soon due, she is easily spent
She’s proud of her man, she did choose a good one
I’m also so proud of the man you’ve become

You studied for years to earn your degree
And easily could have chosen a "rich" specialty
You followed the wisdom of your heart instead
To family practice is where you were led

Besides being a husband and father in life
You are a healer of others, a comfort in strife
You bring such a blend of knowledge and wit
That all of your patients leave feeling the gift

There is something paternal about all that you do
You’re a father to your children but care for others too
I am so pleased to watch you grow in the art of compassion
Seeing the doctor you’ve become gives me great satisfaction



geogirl said...


Darn you woman. I just had Lasik! Ahh! The tears...they burn!

Anonymous said...

You made your boy're such a sweet mama! Thanks for always acknowledging how much he cares for others :)

We spent the day at the beach with friends--barbeque, icee pops, throwing around the football and kids splashing around in the frigid water..the perfect day for Joe!