Sunday, June 18, 2006

The hot tub dialogues Part I

"Mom, this is so lame. We should be out back, barbecuing for David. It is Father's Day after all."

"I know but he's such a good hubby that he wanted you to have quality time with me in the neighbor's hot tub. And to think he lugged all this ice in just to cool us off."

"I'm just not getting it. People will come to your blog on Father's Day and see a picture of me and you in a hot tub. It's meaningless!"

"Gosh, Jenn, chill out and enjoy the water while I tell you that I think you married the perfect mate. David is your lover, your best friend, the father of your children, a great cook, a superb director, a promising professor, and he paints such lovely pictures. A real artiste. All that in one man. Amazing."

"Yes, I'm one lucky woman ..."

"So let's both offer him a hardy HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! Hmm, do you smell steak cooking on the grill? This guy is so selfless."

"And narcoleptic ... that's his one weakness."

"Did you make any money on the t-shirts?"


kirsty said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! That's all. Ha ha!

kirsty said...

Right back at ya, Mater! (good neighbours and all. Terry's great, huh?) Every time I visit you I either sniffle or do that snorty thing with my nose! And then I have to read aloud to my husband who asks," OK, now what did she write?"

The Mater said...

K, keep sniffling and snorting away sweetie!

My word, isn't it early morning and cold where you are? I'm getting ready for bed :>)

Don't you just love the power of the internet?

geogirl said...


With all that ice I bet you ladies could make one giant margarita!!

Simon said...


I bought one. And damned if I don't get more comments on that than any other article of clothing I wear.