Saturday, July 01, 2006

Light up the sky

It’s happening. I knew it would.

The euphoria of the decision to leave my old life and start up again elsewhere is starting to wane. Reality and the logistics of making this happen are settling in. It’s often hard for me to make a final decision but once done, I’m pretty good at following through. This thought sustains me for the challenging days ahead. I’m adding on to my “to do” list daily and methodically making important phone calls, setting appointments and taking care of business. I know where I’m headed by September. How I get there is up to me.

Thank God for family and friends. They are my support and pep squad - keeping me honest and keeping me on task. Shining stars, each and every one.

It’s a holiday weekend here in the states but I’ve decided to sit this one out. Instead, I’m planning budgets, sorting clothes, throwing out some baggage. I’m also thinking of my son and his wife who are about to bless me with another grandbaby … Jenn and David who are about to welcome me into their community … Louise, my dear new friend across the pond who has become part of the family … all my old friends and Polish cousins who have and will continue to sustain me through life’s ups and downs. I see them all in my mind. I see them smiling and waving me on. Godspeed.

They light up my sky just as vividly as the fireworks exploding on a warm summer’s night. Each one has a special trajectory in my heart. Each has a unique sparkle and glow.

No need to attend any of the pyrotechnics this Fourth of July. My sound-and-light show is self contained.


s@bd said...

may it ever be so.

Contrary said...

Would that everyonehad such a support system in place.

You'll do just fine. Because I say so, and what I say goes. Ask anyone.

Simon said...

Normally, when one leaves a place, ones leaves behind the support network that had previously been established and enters into the unknown. There is still an element of the unknown for the Mater, but you're entering into the network rather than leaving it. Surely an aberration.

This proves at least one thing: you're not normal.

geogirl said...

Mater, I'm going to tell you something my dad told me when I left for grad school.

I was very nervous and worried and second guessing my decision. I was about to set out by myself and I had to start Graduate school, find a place to live, and get a job to support myself all 10 hours and three states away from anybody I ever knew. The night before I left my dad pulled me aside and told me this story:

Back in the old days, men had to travel around quite a bit to find work. The story goes that one young man left his home and traveled many miles in search of a job, finally finding one in a town far away. While he was sitting in the town diner he struck up a conversation with one of the locals. "I'm new here and I don't know much about the place." The man said. "Are the people friendly here?" The local sat back and thought about it a bit and then said "Well, what about the people where you came from? Did you think they were friendly?" The young man smiled and said "Yes, I always found them to be a friendly sort." The local nodded his head and gave a slight smile..."Well then, I expect you'll find that the people here are friendly too."

What the local ment (and what my dad was trying to tell me) was that how people treat you and how many friends you make has nothing to do with where you are going...and everything to do with who you are. You have a loving supportive family who care for you and I can personally attest to the fact that you make friends easily so I don't think you need to worry. I believe that whatever the situation...wherever you will find it to be friendly.

kelly said...

it sounds like such a wonderful move, and I know all about the lists and the momentum and then overwhelm.


velocibadgergirl said...

sending happy thoughts your way!

Kim said...

Of all the places I have lived, from Walla Walla, Washington to Auburn, Maine (and a number of places in between) the Berkshires was by leaps and bounds the friendliest, most comfortable of the lot. I am envious, and can't wait to read about your adventure.