Saturday, July 15, 2006

More takin' care of business

I've been in the Berkshires all week, tcb. I feel like one small step has been made towards the giant leap I'm about to take. I found a roomy apartment close to daughter which will welcome most of my furniture and belongings. No little thing.

I pared down drastically when I sold my house several years ago and now I'd like to keep the few pieces of furniture that are left. They include an old desk and rocking chair from my parents and several bookcases, computer desk, bedroom bureaus which I put together with my Sears variable-torque power drill. One of the first things I invested in after the divorce was a shiny red tool box and a cordless drill. It paid off. I managed to save money by buying various items and assembling myself. This was quite a feat for a woman who usually depended on a man to handle this kind of stuff. The furniture may be humble but the feeling of pride from doing it myself was priceless.

One of my favorite posters is the WWII print of Rosie the Riveter reminding "We can do it". My dad was a wartime supervisor in a steel-production plant. His assembly line consisted of many "Rosies". He once told me that after the war he hated to lose such terrific workers. The women were tough and dedicated and quick to learn a new skill. They produced a quality product. I wonder if they were content to return to their own homefront after the war as the men returned to the positions in the factories. That may be another story for another time.

As Jenn mentions in her blog, it has been almost twenty years since she and I have lived in the same city. I had not even realized that. It was a revelation to think that when I sent my firstborn off to an out-of-state college in 1988, I really was giving her wings to fly away. So now we'll be neighbors and I'll get my cardiovascular workout walking up the hill to visit daughter and family.

Thanks for all your notes of support! There is still much to do but at least I know where I'm landing in August.


geogirl said...

A woman and her drill....

It's a beautiful thing. ;-)

kirsty said...

I love my drill,too! So glad you have found a home. I can't believe how excited I feel about your move :)

LadySeduction said...

Everybody else beat me to the drill references, darn it!

How exciting and scary all wrapped up into a nice bundle!

You will find a wonderful job soon enough and best of all be a daily part of your granddaughters lives!

In the words of Jane Evershed:

The Great Leap of Faith
It's yours, take it,
Leap like lunatic,
Over the chasm below,
Erupting as you go,
Your true self awaits you,
NOW you will know

Congratulations on being courageous!

The Mater said...

I just returned home and back at my current job, pushing my point of departure up by two weeks to mid-August launch! Busy and hectic time but I'm feeling better and better about this.

Especially now as I read all your comments on this page! Wow, guys - what terrific words of encouragement!

deb, I never read that poem before and it seems so right on. Thank you!

geo and kirsty and deb, here's to women who "know the drill"!