Friday, July 28, 2006

Tote that barge and lift that bale

To tell the truth, I wouldn't mind getting a little drunk right now. The weekend is here and I have exactly three sets of Saturdays and Sundays to get my act together, clean out the apartment and move on up to the Berkshires. In between the weekends, I'll still be working full time at my present job.

I have no idea who these people are but the photo reminded me of my friends - good souls all who are dropping by at one time or another these next three weekends and letting me use them as indentured servants.

One dear cyber-friend is driving up for an entire weekend just so that we can finally meet before I move even farther from her home state! I promised to feed her and provide lodging for the night. She, a younger and stronger gal, has promised to climb ladders and share my power drill to remove all hardware from walls. We'll be rolling rugs and boxing books and probably LOL all the time. Thanks a bunch, geo! You get a free limo ride one day when we attend one of Jenn's premieres in NYC.

Let me confess now that I am a hoarder. I breed paper. I'm sentimental about emails. I will have to make some tough decisions this weekend. Maybe I can follow what I just began at work. I really jumped in today and cleared one corner of my office and it was quite satisfying to see two large industrial-strength bags of trash outside my door. It took about two minutes to decide to ditch all my old teacher's notes from past semesters. Been there, did that.

Here's to letting go!


kirsty said...

Mater, I reckon that your Hoarding Spirit will be overtaken by your New Beginning Spirit soon after you begin the task, and you'll arrive in The Berkshires travellin' light!

The Mater said...

kirsty, I'm gonna hold that thought! Out with the old, and on with the new :>)

geogirl said...

Oh thank God! For a minute I thought that was a picture of your last move and I suddenly had visions of having to pack up all that stuff. it too late to change my mind?

Just kidding. Can I have a window seat in the Limo??

Lou said...

Good luck with the move :-)

You'll be so relived when you are all moved in! We have moved so much thanks to the air force that I never put off unpacking. My house is always put together within a week of moving in- sometimes w/in three days! I can't stand that packed up feeling!