Saturday, September 30, 2006

Balancing act

Sophie started gym class at the local Y. I’ve been attending the sessions, even getting to pick her up from school and delivering her. I’m earning my grandmom stripes.

For a child who sometimes seemed a bit ungainly and slow to participate in physical sports, she has made (pardon the pun) leaps and bounds.

The very first week, when the little ones were wandering around the exercise mat, Sophie was the first to answer the call to attention and the daunting challenge of getting up on the balance beam for the initial try. She moved across, tentatively at first but trusting that she would get to the other side with the trainer ever near. The look of accomplishment when she jumped down was priceless.

I have seen this same daring on the playground since I’ve been up here. Sophie now hoists herself up on the climbing bars and rings and is soon looking at me upside down, a self-satisfied smile on her face. Way to go, Sophie! She has grown not only in height but in confidence. It’s great to see.

I remember her mother as a little girl running up and down the hallway practicing her moves a la Nadia Comenici and then thrusting her body forward and proclaiming “10”. I think we’re in for a repeat performance. I’m sure we’ll be watching to keep it enjoyable and real and not throw her into the ring for a future Olympics. It’s not about perfection and tunnel vision. Sophie lives in her mind so much that it is refreshing to see her running and jumping and tumbling too. What she’s gaining now is a sense of self-control over her body through small victories in a playful environment.

Exercise as fun. A novel idea.


geogirl said...

"10" indeed! Look at that sly smile on her face.

Wow! Stick some glasses on her and I'd swear I was looking at a young Jenn.

Wait...did you just use the words exercise and fun in the same sentence?? Curse you woman!!

The Mater said...

Yep, I agree geo ... a junior Jenn and
actually exercising for fun. I don't think I'll ever reach that threshold. That's why I'm so glad that she's enjoying herself.

velocibadgergirl said...

She's such a gorgeous little girl! (Hannah, too)...I'm so glad she's loving her gymnastics class :D

Simon said...

Sure, the balance beam is getting easy, but can she stand and pose on the trunk of the car like that at 50 mph?

The Mater said...

Simon, LOL ... er, I think she can try that when she grows up and appears on Fear Factor :>)