Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pump you up

Slow leak in back tire: $5
New wardrobe for new life: first paycheck
Having daughter as personal shopper: priceless

We almost didn’t get to the mall today. Daughter managed to call my attention to a somewhat sagging tire just as we were ready to pull out for a day of serious shopping. I needed someone to pick and choose the correct colors and designs which would allow me to present myself in public as a fairly well-dressed style-savvy transplant to the Berkshires. Here the dress code is certainly more relaxed than big-city living but even my jeans are in need of an extreme makeover. I told Jenn that I couldn’t do this without her. I decided to capitulate and let her show me just what was missing. However, the tire was almost as flat as my sense of fashion.

First things first. The locals have a “drive-in tire service” and, yes, there were actually two nails wreaking havoc with my back tire. One fellow checked the air in the other tires while another guy sealed up the problem and I was soon on my way - nice guys and they didn’t seem offended by my attire: high-school sweater, yellow pullover and green corduroy slacks.

Jenn, on the other hand, was stricken and couldn’t wait to get me to the mall and push me into the nearest fitting room as she ran freely through the petites department collecting pants, tops, jackets and sweaters to rejuvenate my muted palette. I was feeling a bit doubtful at the beginning but, damn, the kid is good! She scored almost 100% in finding items that made me look less short, younger and definitely curvy in just the right spots. For years I’ve shopped alone and hated going into the dressing rooms to face the truth in the mirror. This time, facing the truth was tempered by a daughter who kept running out and bringing back surprising combinations of blues and greens and pinks and eggplants, not to mention a few basic blacks and tans to balance it all out. If there was a runway, I would have walked it. Color has come back into my life.

I feel pretty, oh so pretty. Shedding the old isn’t so painful when you have someone who loves you at your side.


Chris said...

pictures . . . pictures

sogalitno said...


can't wait to hear about first day! and see photos!

The Mater said...

This week was actually my first week on the job and it went well. Totally exhausting though. There are even more interesting men than the sheriff :>) I'll need these new clothes, won't I?!

Yes, I promise to take some pictures soon of my new wardrobe.


s@bd said...

shedding's never painful when there's a song to go with it


kirsty said...

When is Jenn coming to Australia for a shopping trip? Boy, do I need help!

Simon said...

Wow, Jenn's influence on you is already a little insidious. You're starting to use words like 'eggplant' as a colour. You'll never be the same, Mater!

Patti McCracken said...

less short. Does that mean Almost Tall?

velocibadgergirl said...

definitely pictures, and more updates on your new life in the Berkshires!

Contrary said...

I'm excited about the wardrobe, but I mostly wanna hear about the other interesting men! Bring it, mater!

The Mater said...

ROTFLOL patti, I will never come close to being "almost tall"! And the whole post-menopausal thingie has managed to shrink me more.

I do like tall men though :>)

Anonymous said...


I'm so glad to see that you're doing well.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, the new firewall at work won't let me see any blogspot pages at all including my own.


Blessings to you and your new life.

I'm so encouraged by you.

Jenn said...

She looks FABULOUS! Eggplant becomes her.

geogirl said...

A personal shopper...that's what's I need. I hate, HATE, H.A.T.E! going shopping.

How do I get one of those without giving birth to it?

Mater, if I ever win the lottery I'll give your daughter a job.