Saturday, December 16, 2006

The morning after

I feel like I've been drinking but I'm only high on latkes and Jenn's good fortune. Well, what appears to be her good fortune. The powers that be have to confirm and make it official on Monday. Still, I think I heard the fat lady singing around the stroke of twelve last night. If that's not PC, think of a thinner diva.

This seems like a fun time to bring back an old poster, not that I played such a formidable part in Jenn's rally. A few phone calls here, several emails there as my Polish posse rounded up some loyal readers. Never underestimate the power of the Polish cousins. Many of the lovely readers I've gained here have also come from B'EAW. Thanks for being so generous and joining in the ride. It was a great way to spend the past week now that America's Top Model has already wrapped. All that energy and attention had to go somewhere.

Dziekujie bardzo! The clarinet and accordion are warming up. You're all invited to the Polka Palace. I may even make some pierogies and sing Sto Lat. See? Fat lady singing.

Right now, I think I'll wander down to the pool and look for my cabana boy. I didn't get much sleep last night what with all the excitement. I need a good massage.


Anonymous said...

Job well done Mater!

I'm next on the massage table!!

kirsty said...

You'll have to squeeze your way past me to get to that Cabana Boy.