Thursday, December 14, 2006

Win one for the pupper

Yes, a shameless and brazen tactic but it’s down to the wire and only 24 hours (or so) to go. My Canadian son-in-law phoned me at school today. This rarely happens. I could hear the excitement in his voice.

“She’s behind by just nine votes.”

For someone who is about as steady as a rock (oops, poor analogy considering the competition), David was getting caught up in the contest.

“So can you tell your co-workers to vote for Jenn?”

“Er, I’ve only been here at the new job a couple months. Most of these guys really don’t have enough history with me to know about Jenn and her mommy blog. Besides, this place is so secure that our firewalls have firewalls and it’s really hard to get access to blog sites, let alone mega blog-awards sites.”

I think he sighed and seemed a bit disappointed. I felt like a traitor to the cause and guiltily promised to at least grab my boss and office manager for a quick couple votes on my way out the door. The office manager could not “plug in” to the 2006 Weblogs Awards but brilliantly sent the link to her home computer. Aha! One vote, possibly two by tomorrow night. My boss had left the premises and a scribbled note about my daughter needing votes to win an international blog contest didn’t seem to read well. My boss is a young married professional but has no kids. I don’t think Jenn would be her menu du jour.

I packed up my paperwork and walked to the car. I have to admit that I was psyched thinking that Jenn had actually narrowed that awesome lead to such a small margin. Jenn is not really as young, hip and street wise as the bloggers with rocks in their titles or in their socks or in their dryers or wherever. But my daughter has been going through a rocky time of it lately and even sitting on Hannah’s rocking chair telling bedtime stories of “happily ever after” can’t make up for the fact that her dog is way past Medicare, her mom is almost eligible, her house needs mucho repairs and yet she’d rather build a polka palace for the Mater. (Maternal tear glistens and drops into mother’s wine glass.) Hey, I told you I’m pulling out all stops. This is my kid. She’s had her share of hard knocks. No rocks, just hard knocks. I think winning a worldwide blog contest would provide a temporary soft cushion for her tushie.

Just took a peek. She’s breathing down #1’s neck … only seven degrees of separation.

I’d even forgo the Polish immigrant pool boy. Now that’s as big a sacrifice as a mother can make.

Keep those cards and letters comin’ for one more day ... it’s been a heckuva ride and ain’t over yet! I haven’t been this invested in the power of the vote since Jack and Jackie.

Holy Hannah, Jenn just took over the lead!!! I gotta go and pour another glass of wine. What a horse race! Jenn, girl, you ROCK.

PS Do you like the photo of my two underdogs?


Patti McCracken said...

i just put in another vote for her.
Her blog really is the best, by far. I can say that because I don't even know her--so it's not biased. Just great writing on her site.

Ellamama said...

I'm voting as fast as I can!

sogalitno said...

hey she's leading as of 1125 pm EST

The Mater said...

Still another 24 hours to go. Please go back and vote again tomorrow night!

geogirl said...

Ahh! You're killing me here. I'm sitting at work looking at the picture of the poor dog and cursing the firewall that prevents me from utilizing the many computers in this building.

Still, I'm getting the word out as much as I can.

Listen, contest or no....we loyal and devoted readers already know that Jenn is the best and we don't need an award to tell us that. Just knowing that loging on to her blog will bring me laughter, tears, and comfort equivalent to a warm fuzzy scarf is enough for me to keep coming back.

and it just occured to me that I should be typing this on her blog...oh well. I'm sure someone will tell her. ;-)

pogonip said...

I'm with geogirl. I can't imagine anyone deserving this more than Jenn.

velocibadgergirl said...

SWEET for Jenn!

I told all my online friends to vote for her...I guess some of them did!

Amanda said...

Wow, I was voting for her with out this. I would not have slept had I seen this, for the trees I would have been shaking. Seriously though, your relationship with your daughter is something that can make me smile out of the blue. Thank you both for letting us enjoy your bond. May '07 be filled with cabana boys, good wine and unexpected blessings.