Sunday, December 10, 2006

My daughter, the writer

I've been occupied with the new job and post-London catching up in the Berkshires. If you've been reading Jenn's blog, you know that I've been busy worrying about her health and state of mind too.

She is losing the dog that she took to college, the constant companion through all her loves and twists of fate, the dog she envisioned when she created him as an imaginary hero in Dungeons and Dragons as a kid. He has a huge heart and will not go gently into that good night. Only Jenn will know when to give him a hand. Tonight, he played with his younger partner until his hind legs gave out. There were signs of the past and it was good to see. Jenn named it well. He is a loss in progress. He's a prince and really hates to leave us. So we will do what needs to be done to make him still feel welcomed and loved. We owe him that.

In the meantime, it's been a good week for celebrating Jenn's success as a blogger. Being nominated for a worldwide blog award seems a nice perk and I hope it takes the edge off the sadness and melancholy.

I never remember my daughter without a pen or pencil in her hand. From about eighteen months on, she and I were having conversations and she was drawing and scribbling on anything handy, including her bedroom wall. I didn't know whether to scold or praise her when she wrote the letters of the alphabet on her wall at about the age of three. She amazed me with her mastery of language so it became a source of pride to point to the crayoned letters which stayed for all to see.

She's advanced to blogging now and I'm still just as proud of her gift of communication. Jenn can reach deep and produce the most wonderful metaphors and analogies. She's a painter of words and there are so many colors in her crayon box. She may start out with a bright pink or sunny yellow but, more than likely, she will end with the darker, richer shades. Humor and pathos, over and under the rainbow. Being such a sensitive soul can be a double-edged sword. I'm convinced though that she cannot not write. It's a part of her as irrevocable as her blood type and eye color. I'm hoping that she's imprinted herself on you and touched you in some small way. If so, please drop by the 2006 Weblog Award site and give her a vote. It's good to be appreciated. Look for her in the Best Parenting category; that definitely includes raising canines.

The 2006 Weblog Awards

This has been a non-paid political broadcast. Just gettin' the word out. So what are you waiting for? Go. Vote. Make a mother happy.


Rhea said...

Sorry to hear about the health of your daughter's pet. But happy she is doing so well with her writing.

Patti McCracken said...


s@bd said...

she's extraordinarily gifted.
(and so fortunate to have such a great mom!)

geogirl said...

"Humor and pathos, over and under the rainbow."

That was a wonderful description and fits perfectly. We all know where she gets it from. The writing I mean.

I am voting my little heart out.