Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bedtime story

Oy vey, what's a grandmother to do?

Sophie had her second sleepover in as many weeks and this time she brought a Jewish storybook provided by her beloved bubba. Yes, the children have the best of both worlds, a babci and a bubba.

I decide to do the ecumenically correct thing and give equal time to the other side.

We snuggle up at bedtime, under the watchful eyes of Jesus, Mary and Joseph (still perched upon the headboard of my bed) and I read the Jewish tale to the little one.

It is enlightening. I soon realize that keeping shabbat is just another form of spiritual mindfulness and certainly something that Jesus, Mary and Joseph knew all about (good Jewish family that they were).

It's important for the grandchildren to understand the concept of ritual, keeping the sabbath holy. So Sophie and I rest in my bed and read of dinosaurs and challah. I explain that the Jewish challah is the babka of my Polish grandmother. Bread. Later, wine. Keeping it holy. The sacredness of everyday things, of time passing. The religions of Sophie's grandparents share common ground.

The dinosaur at table? Er, that's a whole other dimension. I'm still trying to figure that one out.


slouching mom said...

And Sophie and H-Belle are very lucky girls to have both a babci and a bubba!

As for the dinosaur at the table, it's a bribe, pure and simple. It's no different from selling magazines by slapping a risque image up on the front page.

The dinosaurs reel those kids in like so many fish.

You and Sophie's sleepovers remind me of snuggling in my grandmother's bed when I was 3 and eating bits of her breakfast on a tray. Good memories.

My MoMtra said...

Oy Vey, what a great grandma you are. Those are two lucky girls. Traditions & memories are not something to be bought. You are creating both...priceless!