Thursday, March 22, 2007

Taking note

I moved up here nine months ago
To be near the kids, get in the flow
Watch as the little ones play, learn and grow
What I didn’t consider were the ice and the snow

Winter came late so the tough locals said
Still it was hard to get out of bed
On mornings that were often bone-chilling cold
Warm bedcovers making me much less than bold

To open the door and risk a chilblain
While guiding myself over frozen terrain
So many days of sub-freezing weather
I should have kept a mid-winter’s ledger

Taking a stick to the snow on my porch
I decided against, wishing instead for a hot blazing torch
To erase all remnants of columns of snow
Then melt the icicles or propel them below

Spring has now come so the calendar states
The temps will get milder if only I wait
Soon I will hang up my storm coat for good
And set down fresh leafy plants where the Iceman once stood


Birchsprite said...

Brrrrrr keep warm Mater!

slouching mom said...

Love this! Mater's a wordsmith!

Karina said...

There once was a Mater from Philly
Who wished it were hotter--not chilly...

Okay, that's enough rhyming from me--you're much better at it! I hope the warmth of having Jenn & the family close to you gets you through these last chilly weeks of early Spring.

monique said...

i hate, haaaate, haaaaaaaaaaate march in the berkshires! the calander says spring, but it doesn't start to consistantly feel like spring until (gulp!) the end of april. hold on, mater. mud season will be here soon.

(didn't jenn tell you about mud season?...)

velocibadgergirl said...

Hi, Mater--

Just stopping in to let you know that I've nominated you for a Thinking Blogger award. I hope I'm the first, even though I can't imagine that no one's given it to you before.

Pop over for details if you feel so inclined, and thanks for sharing all your great stories!


The Mater said...

vbg, how really sweet of you! Thanks for the nomination. I blog, therefore I am.

From snow and ice to mud ... yuk and no, Jenn did not tell me of the season of mud. Still lovin' it up here though.

Temps are still weirdly fluctuating - 50s to 20s overnight.